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So the April fool’s day 2017 is here and so are the most amazing April Fool prank ideas 2017, April Fool Facebook Jokes ,Memes, Pranks  and Tricks. For you we have brought the most Amazing and Fun April fool’s day pranks 2017 and April fool status for Facebook. Show off you sense of humor and evil inside with these Best April fools Jokes 2017 and April fool Facebook Jokes From brutal pranks to harmless practical jokes we have got everything you need for this April fool’s day. So Enjoy a Happy April Fool’s day 2017 with the April fool’s day Facebook Pranks , Jokes Memes and Tricks. Prank you sibling and friends this April fool’s day with the Best April fool’s day Facebook Pranks and Funny April fool’s day pranks of all time. These funny April fool’s day jokes will hit your funny bones. 

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April fools funny meme for Facebook

Funny April fools prank for your Facebook friends- funny text prank

Funny prank joke for Facebook on April Fools day

Funny status update for Facebook on April Fools day
 April fools funny meme for Facebook- April fools joke

Funny April fool Prank joke for Facebook- Only fools will try.

An April fools day tip- Funny April fools status meme for Facebook

Tag your Facebook friends- funny April fools joke and status for Facebook

Sad reality- Funny Facebook meme for April fools day

April fools day pranks reality- Funny meme for facebook

Pro tip for the day- funny April fools meme and joke for Facebook status update

Funny April fools day meme for Facebook

Facebook meme for April fools day- FOOL EVERYONE

Suggestion for Facebook on this April Fools – funny meme for Facebook


On April Fools Day, my natural distrust of others will be ratcheted up a level to borderline psychosis.

Hard to know how to celebrate April Fools when everything is already a joke.

Getting back with an ex is like using the same piece of toilet paper twice…

RIP {insert facebook friends name} I will never forget you…

Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else.

Yes, it’s true. We’re packing up and moving back to (insert previous state name here). We’ll miss everyone so much!“I knew all that hard work at the gym would pay off — my size 2 jeans fit again!” — (Be prepared to gain some haters with that one.)

Who the hell needs April Fools when the rest of 2015 will probably be a joke anyways.

Gullible people should just avoid Facebook for the next 24 hours.

People will lie more than usual. Yeah its April fool’s day!
If you can’t think of any clever prank just sent a photo of your balls to your friends and family. Happy April fool’s day!!
Just a reminder not to pull silly pranks on me so I don’t have to cut your eyeballs out and stick them up your ass.Happy April Fool’s day!!

And if you want to go a step further than simply posting a Facebook status update, change your relationship status on your profile instead. People will freak.

April Fools Day is just a day when we all can lie with no consequences!


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