Top 20 Funny April Fool’s Pranks to play on your Boyfriend.

 Top 20 Funny April Fool’s Pranks to play on your Boyfriend.

April fool’s day is for Couples as well, and so earlier we shared some funny April fool’s pranks for Girlfriend and now we are here with some best and Funny April fools pranks for boyfriends that their Girlfriends can play on them on 1st April.

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If you are tired of him pranking you every year, this is your time. Check out these top 20 funny April fool’s Pranks for your boyfriend. Try these April fool’s pranks on your boyfriend and enjoy the hilarious moments that will come along. Do record everything so you can watch it again and again. These savage April fool pranks for 2017 simple yet funny. You can easily play them on your boyfriend and have fun. So check them out!! Easy April Fool Pranks , Funny Best April Fools. 

Good Funny April fools for your boyfriend


Take some clear nail polish and coat a bar of soap with it. Let it dry. Then put it in the bathroom shower. When your victim tries to use it, he will go nuts. Enjoy!

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Tell your boyfriends that “Lets End it here and break up”. If this works for boyfriends to prank their girlfriends then it is only fair to say that Girlfriends can also play this prank on their boyfriends. Shed some tears to make it more realistic. Check out their reaction.


Put a balloon on the tail pipe of his car (make sure the car isn’t started), when he starts the car, he will hear a POP and assume the tire had blown out.


All of a Sudden text them “Delete my Number and don’t text or call me again, because what you have done is very much messed up, there is no way out” wait for their reply, keep this going as long as you can and finally say April fool.


Okay, this one is very simple, get two cans of soda out of the refrigerator, shake one up and hand that one to your friend. You take the non-shaken up one and drink some so it doesn’t seem suspicious. When your friend opens theirs, it will splatter all over them if you shake it up enough!


Make holes with a pin on someone’s straw, so when they go to drink their beverage the drink won’t go up the straw and it will squirt everywhere. Haha


Take your guy to beach. Spread a sheet and sit together for a drink or something. Look for the moment when he is gone for loo or get something and dig a hole right where you think he will sit and cover it with the sheet. Watch the fun as he sits down on the sheet.


Sneak into his phone and transfer a couple of pictures of a beautiful girl. When you are with him, pretend to play with his phone and accidentally discover those photos. Have fun!

Take his slippers and glue the properly to floor. Make a video as he trips down to the floor while attempting to wear them.

Take some saran wrap and tape it to the doorway in such a way that it comes to your guy’s face. Let him open the door and try to walk in. Enjoy the hilarious moment!

Take his phone and switch the names of all the contacts. Enjoy as he dials and texts wrong people, the wrong things.

Cut out the trash bag from the bottom and wear it. Sit down near all the trash in a way that you are not recognizable. Let him come to take the trash out. Jump up and scare him

Take some saran wrap rolls and wrap he entire car before he leaves for work. Watch him go nuts!


Place a note on his car saying- “Sorry about the dent” and watch him go crazy inspecting every inch of his car.

So, these were some amazing and funny April fool’s prank 2017 that you can play on your boyfriend. Enjoy the hilarious moments as you play these funny April fool’s prank on your boyfriend. Take revenge from your boyfriend by playing these hilarious April fool’s day prank on him. Enjoy! Happy April Fool 2017

Do you have more pranks that you play on your boyfriend? Then please share it with us in Comments.
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