{LOL*} Top 5 Funny April Fools Pranks For Your Girlfriend and Crush

April Fools Pranks to Play on your Girlfriend, CRUSH and Ex’ :-p

April  1st is the best day to Play prank with your loved ones, and trust me they don’t even get angry on getting fooled on this day. And that’s why we have brought to you some of the Best April fool’s prank 2017. Use it on your crush or your girlfriend and laugh out loud. Become the best prankster this April Fool’s day and play these savage and best April fool’s day pranks on your girlfriend. Check out these Top 5 Funny April fools Pranks for your Girlfriend and make this April fool’s day a memorable one. Make sure your record their reactions. The top five most amazing and savage April fool’s day Tricks 2017  are right down here. Check them out and be the king of pranks this April fool’s day !!! Just don’t go too far that she breaks up with you (don’t worry she won’t) :-p . Your girlfriend or your crush, these funny April fool pranks 2017 will get them rolling on floor. Go check them out..!!!
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     This idea is quite old but works every time. Prepare the ground before you play this prank on her. Don’t text or call her, act a bit strange and on the right time play the right move. Act like you are really sad and this is really hard for you. Add more realistic stuff to it or you can shed some tears too. Record her reaction and just when you know it’s been enough, wish her a happy April fool’s day!

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     This prank is for all the single guys who have a crush on some girl but afraid to say. This day is your golden chance, my boy! Just set yourself free on 1st April and speak out. Propose her on 1st April, if she say “Yes” then you are one lucky bastard but if she says “No” then to save your embarrassment just wish her a happy April fool, I was just having fun. And yes she will believe you that you were just playing prank on her.

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***Try On your Own risk :***p

Take a bunch of fake hairs and a pair of scissors. Go near your girlfriend and fake a cut near her hairs without actually cutting her hair. Show her the fake hairs and see her freak out.


 Take a really beautiful and well-decorated gift box and fill it with some real cockroaches. Now, tell your girlfriend that you brought something special for her. Watch her freak out as she opens the present and freaks out.


      Take her hair dryer and fill it with baby powder or maybe white flour. Laugh out loud as she uses the dryer.

Please try all the above pranks on your own risk and do avoid hurting her feelings if she is very emotional or weak hearted. 

With this it completes my list of April fools Pranks for Girlfriend,  I hope you enjoyed them.  Tell us know in comments how well you pulled these pranks or if you have more ideas for April fool’s day pranks for your girlfriend. Stay happy and stay tuned for more such ideas. Explore our site, it’s all for you!

So what are you waiting for Fool her now and Laugh out Loud :p